Garik feat. Marianna - A war for peace

  • The song describes an episode at Deir ez-Zor from 1915 Armenian Genocide.
    I see hopeless eyes
    Marching trough desert to unknown
    Millions of souls
    And each one of them is all alone
    And it's not the strength that makes them go
    With a certainty of clocks
    They're ready to go
    Until this madness stops
    And they go .....
    And they go......
    And they fall to rise in us...
    And the pages scream
    From the history book ready to burst
    Before you kill a man
    you have to kill the man in you first
    You live, and you have to love
    There's no sin that love can not dismiss
    No wars, no excuses too
    Cuz' there can not be a war for peace
    We grew like a tree
    On an ancient mountain slope
    Inherited sun
    And a true Infinite hope
    Been scattered but not scared at all
    But this thorn keeps piercing on
    They'll never come back
    From the road they were put on

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